When using Tardis builds (or any build for that matter) you should always carry out regular maintenance by removing old temporary files left behind.

Thumbnails, temp files from streaming and zip files from updating will be left behind on your device from normal day to day use.

So you are wondering why does this affect me??

Well you have a limited amount of space on your device and, especially on devices will smaller storage, it can mount up and slow your system down.

Heres how to clean up your box:

Goto Tools/Settings

Now hit Maintenance

You now have three icons (Clear cache, Delete thumbnails & Purge packages)

Click OK on each one of these. You will get message pop up on each one saying are you sure you want to …….

Click yes each time and this will erase your temp files, thumbnails and update zips.

Make sure you do this regularly to stop all these files from building up on your system

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