Guide for updating to new build using Ares Wizard

Ares screen

If you want to update to a newer version of Tardis then it is a fairly simple process using Ares Wizard.

OK on this guide I am going to assume you are already using one of the Tardis builds (if not then I’ll cover this in another guide)


First go to settings on main menu


Now select Ares Wizard



When Ares Wizard starts select Browse Builds in top left


Now you should see list of builds. Scroll down and select Tardis Builds


Hit OK/Enter on Tardis builds and you should be taken to the Tardis list of builds


Select which version you require and hit OK/Enter.

This will move the highlighted section over to install. DO NOT HIT OK/ENTER AT THIS POINT.

Press up and select Fresh Start


Select yes to the Fresh Start message. This will remove the existing builds on your device.

One this process has completed you can press down and select install


This will download the new version onto your device and install it.

When complete it will show as working for little while then you will get option to backup skin profile. just select no and the wizard will attempt to shut down Kodi. Once its shut down then you can start Kodi back up and your new builds should be showing.

On first start wait couple of minutes. You will see busy at top right corner. This is the addons looking for any available updates. When the busy message disappears from top corner any available updates should begin downloading and installing

Until this process has completed be aware that menus and content may not appear or may be slow

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2 thoughts on “Guide for updating to new build using Ares Wizard

  1. Russell Evans

    Had this build a week now best one I’ve ever had only downside project cypher isn’t working tonight 8/4/16 hope it’s sorted for the big fight joshua vs Martin tomorrow otherwise great build

    1. admin

      Project Cypher has had few DDOS attacks over past couple of weeks.
      New update for the full build will be available in 6 hours or so. New better TV guide and couple of extra sports addons so should have just what you need

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