Tardis TV


Good evening people. OK firstly their has been a little skirmish in the Tardis. All the doctors got together and threw the WarDoctor into the server room and told him not to come out without a new TV guide.

Here is the result. TardisTV
He has taken the best features from other guides and combined them into TardisTV.
This guide will link with lots of your favourite addons (premium & free addons).
Mini guide which can be called up from anywhere within the build (Hot key for this can be defined within the guide settings)
Can incorporate superfavourites so if you have all your favourite channels saved then this is easily setup.
Channel surf when watching through the guide, simply by pressing up and down on your remote.
Can setup your favourite movie and tv addon to use within the guide.
downloadable logo packs/skins

Before running the guide you need to register for a login.
This can be done free and easily at http://tardisbuilds.com/register/
Just create yourself a username and password and you can use these to login to the guide.
You should only have to do this once because TardisWizard now has the ability to save your login details so when you update to a new version of TardisBuilds you dont have to enter all your login details again
Please be aware that even though this guide has gone through beta testing, there may still be bugs/issues due to this being the first public release.
Should you discover any issues then please email wardoctor@tardisbuilds.com with details of the error (which build, what were you doing at time of error etc, and if possible any log files. Log files not essential but do help with diagnosis of problems)

This will be added to the next update of Tardis & Torchwood Full builds.
Will also be added to Tardis Repository in the next 24 hours

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