Tardis Build Full


Build updated to v1.2.2

Added Hunters Hideout & Combat Corner

Ares Wizard http://www.areswizard.co.uk and

Tardis Wizard http://wizard.tardisbuilds.com

Build updated to v1.1.9

Tardis Full updated to v1.1.9 and now live on


Changed intro video.
Removed Top Addons hub
Added Favourites button to main menu
Added various submenus within Movie Night, TV Boxsets, Music Room, and Tools/Settings.
Made each hub smaller by only listing most popular addons within each hub. All other addons still accessible within each hub by selecting ‘All ——- sections’.
Stream by channel within Live TV section still not finished. Hopefully when all the addons start coming back online I will get that part finished.
As always requests/opinions/criticism are more than welcome

Please be aware some addons are still down so before reporting any dead links to me make sure the addon you are trying to access is back up and running



Added Music section (New addons include musicbox, tunein radio, the music source, binaural)
Added kodi help videos addon to tools hub
Added kidstube
Added documentarytube
Added widgets to items within TopAddons, MovieNight, TV Boxsets, and Sports hubs
Slightly reorganised main menu


Build updated to 1.1.6

Disabled PVR service (was causing delays in loading. Can be re-enabled in settings, PVR)
Added 2 subtitle providers
Added Vidtime
Added Bulldog streams
Added Tardis wizard as backup wizard (wizard souce http://wizard.tardisbuilds.com )
Changed TV guide
Removed some wallpapers so should navigate between sections little quicker


Build updated to v1.1.5

Removed Operation Robocop
Added TV time
Added Project Cypher
Added Movie Mix
RSS Feed added
TV Guide added
Added little IPTV list (May take few minutes to load list on each start. Please be patient and let it load)

Full list of video addons now included in build:

3xz, Ares Football, Ares Streams, aznkodiadult, beeg, Binkytv, Cartoonhd, Cartoons8, Castaway, DecadoDocs, dijentertainments, disney junior, DNA TV, Earthcam, Erotik, Exodus, F.T.V., f4m tester, Fantasticc, hdtrailers.net, hulubox, iplayerwww, itunes trailers, itv, kiddiecartoons, kidsflix, kids movies, likuoo, live mix, lubetube, afdah, dizibox, fubar, izle, m4u, moviewb, niter, pubfilm, scene peeper, watchseries, we watch wrestling, movie mix, njm soccer, phoenix, project cypher, pulse fitness, salts, soap catchup, specto, sportsdevil, sports mix, super cartoons, the royal we, 80’s kids, tube8, tv mix, tv time, ufc, ultimate whitecream, veetle, velocity, videodevil, watch cartoon online, wood rocket, yogatube, you jizz, youtube, zem tv​

Here is Tardis Build Full version

This build can be found exclusively on ares wizard

Categories in this build are as follows

Weather, Top Addons, Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Kids, Cams, Fitness, Womens, YouTube, Documentaries, Sports, Adult, Tools/Settings, & Power


Weather is set to London on first install. This can be changed within the settings in the weather section.

Adult section is pin protected. Default pin is 0426

More pictures can be found here



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2 thoughts on “Tardis Build Full

  1. Edward

    Really excelllent build… I love it, thanks for all you guys do for the kodi community…

  2. Nick

    Been using your builds for a while. I must say I like the square tiles instead of round. And why no prosport or ccloud addons?? Keep it up and thank you!! #salute

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