Choose from over 20 Different Background Packs


Over 20 different Background Packs now available to download on Chameleon Circuit. Customise your Tardis build to how you want it to look.

Simply use the Chameleon Circuit addon (Tardis Full, Family v1.2.9+ and Lite v1.0.9+) available in Tools/Wizards section to download your preferred background pack.

Once downloaded and extracted force close kodi and when you start kodi back up go into ares or tardis wizard and clear cache and thumbnails and your new chosen backgrounds will be saved on your build

Previews of current packs available:

Default Tardis

Default Torchwood



Scarlett Johansson

Seasons – Autumn

Seasons – Spring

Seasons – Summer

Seasons – Winter

Supercars 4k

Walking Dead

Womens Pack

Big Bang


Doctors Companions

Hot Chicks

Fast & Furious


Orange is New Black

Space 4k

Star Trek





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