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The TARDIS 256x256

Hi and welcome to our new support site for TardisBuilds

We hope to be able to help with any issue you have installing and using our builds.

Contact us via

Email: info@tardisbuilds.com

Join our Facebook group

Check out our section on Ares forums

Or follow us on twitter @tardisbuilds

Through time we will be adding various guides and keeping you up to date on whats new.

At the moment the site is kind of bare and we will be updating with more content over the coming weeks

Check back again soon for more updates

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6 thoughts on “Welcome to Tardis Builds | Tardis Builds

  1. mike Willis

    Great build but need to change the tvguide renegades to my own where is setting as I have a sub with its own guide and prefer to use that

  2. admin

    You can edit hub items in tools settings, skin settings, customise home menu.
    If you hsve any problems join our Facebook group or contact by email and we will help as much as possible

  3. martin

    Cant watch the adult part asks for pin , what do I do


    Something is wrong with this last update for the full version. The exodus is not working right. The man cave is not there either.

    1. admin

      Join our Facebook group at http://facebook.com/groups/tardisbuilds and I will try to assist you further there

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